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Survey Results: Supply Chain and On-time Shipping Top of Mind for DTC Brands

Peak Season 2021 Survey Results* from the Direct To Consumer Consortium

As planning for peak season 2021 began, we at the DTCC wanted to know what our clients and partners were most concerned about. In July 2021, we sent an online survey to members of our recently launched DTC Consortium, a group made up of DTC brand owners and ecommerce enablement companies such as systems and software providers, as well as the broader industry.

DTC Brand Growth: Hint - it’s huge

Not surprisingly, 96% of brands surveyed experienced growth in 2020 over 2019. The results were evenly divided, with 32% seeing 1-50% growth, another 32% seeing 50-100% growth, and 32% experiencing extraordinary growth of 100% or more.

Top 2021 Concerns: A clearly defined focus on supply chain and shipping

Top of mind among DTC brands were supply chain and on-time shipping, with 100% of respondents listing these as either “very” or “somewhat” top of mind. This undoubtedly reflects their experience with 2020 supply chain and international shipping delays, but responses indicate that these concerns have not been alleviated. The ability to keep up with spikes in volume was also cited by 100% of respondents, though less top of mind. 84% of respondents were very or somewhat concerned about a resurgence in the pandemic.

Brand Opportunities: growth and improvement

When asked what opportunities they see for peak season 2021, several respondents were optimistic about strong growth expectations, while others saw opportunities to improve their logistics and shipping operations.

Ecommerce Enablement Companies: Expansion and hiring are top of mind

Brand owners may find it reassuring that, based on responses, DTC enablement companies spent the year expanding, automating, streamlining, and “pandemic proofing” their services and capabilities to meet the growing needs of DTC brands. 100% of enablement companies list customer service as very or somewhat top of mind. Staffing and employee retention also ranks highly for 94% of these companies.

It’s clear that both DTC brands and enablement companies learned a great deal from 2020 and that, despite concerns, they are optimistic about continued growth in 2021. See all results of the DTC Consortium’s Peak Season 2021 Survey here (NEED LINK), and watch for upcoming events, webinars and thought leadership articles from the DTC Consortium in the future.

About the DTC Consortium

The DTC Consortium, a Ruby Has Thought Leadership enterprise, is a group of executives from leading direct-to-consumer brands and DTC ecommerce enablement companies convening to further our shared industry and address its opportunities and challenges. We welcome you to apply to become a member of this meaningful initiative. There is no cost and the benefits are many.

Survey results are intended for informal use only and should not be considered statistically conclusive.

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